WedgeRock RTC: Temperature & Thrust Compensator Line

Temperature & Thrust Compensating Solutions

The WedgeRock RTC Temperature & Thrust Compensator Line: expertly crafted for both new projects and retrofit applications. At its core, the sandwich design utilizes a proven Belleville spring system, complemented by a unique “floating” stem nut and high-grade thrust bearings ensuring peak performance. Capable of accommodating stem diameters of up to 10” and growth beyond 0.250”, this product is designed for longevity, significantly extending valve life and minimizing wear on actuators and gears. Key features include a 90% fill, lifetime greasing, IP68-designed elastomer seals, and Buy America Compliance. Additionally, it boasts tailored temperature ranges, direct mount capabilities, standard flanges, and a plethora of custom bolt pattern options. Trust in RTC for unparalleled performance and swift delivery.



  • Sandwich design ideal for new projects or retrofits
  • Proven Belleville spring design
  • Unique “floating” stem nut
  • High quality thrust bearings for robust performance
  • Stem sizes to 10”+
  • Growth to 0.250”+
  • Single or double acting
  • Extend valve life
  • Reduce actuator/gear wear and damage
  • Quick delivery


  • 90% filled, Greased for life, no maintenance
  • Elastomer seals at all ingress points, designed to IP68
  • Available Certifications:
    • Buy America Compliant
  • Temperature range and materials configured per application
  • Machined for direct mount
    • Standard Flanges to MSS SP101/MSS SP102 & ISO 5211/ISO 5210
    • Infinite Custom Bolt Pattern Options


WedgeRock RT (Thrust Base)

Standard thrust base allows for a standard actuator operation.

WedgeRock RTC (Thermally Compensated Thrust Base)

Allows for standard actuator operation and compensation for valve stem due to thermal expansion and contraction; the valve stays seated across the range and actuator remains in one piece.


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