WedgeRock RW: Worm Gear Actuator

Rock Worm Gear Solutions

The WedgeRock Performance Worm Gear line provides a conventional product with an unconventional advantage.

In performance applications, WedgeRock can provide up to 60% reduction in turns to operate over standard worm gears, supporting individual factor specifications for manual applications, or reducing operating times and required actuator size for motorized applications.

Manual or motorized, quarter turn or multi-turn, overrides, subsea or topside – WedgeRock has a worm gear design for every application.


WedgeRock RW Series Worm Gear

  • Modular design accommodates multiple applications
    • Quarter turn
    • Multi-turn
    • Rising stem
  • Input shaft projection parallel or perpendicular to output
  • High efficiency and standard efficiency options
  • All available ratios are self-locking
  • Motorized and manual input options
  • Splined drive sleeve available
  • Travel indication
  • Elastomer seals at all ingress points
  • Available for subsea applications
  • Application engineered

WedgeRock RW Bronze Series

  • Bronze Housings & Covers
  • Super Duplex SS Input & Hardware
  • Stainless Steel Handwheels


Standard Gears Include

  • Ductile Iron Housings (Carbon Steel if fabricated).
  • Standard Temperature Range: -40° to 225°F.
    • Seal: -40 to 225° F (BUNA)
    • Grease : -40 to 400°F long term exposure
  • Machined for direct mount without adaption.
  • Designed for Ingress Protection Rating: IP68
  • Pressure relief valves in the housing and stem, relieves pressure build caused by temperature changes. (For effective venting Gear Orientation must be provided for proper relief valve positioning.)

Additional Options Available

  • Low Temp. -50°F
    • Seal: Low Temp. to -50°F (Nitrile)
    • Grease: Low Temp. to -50°F
    • Housing and Other Materials of Construction capable of -50°F
  • High Temp. -15° to 400°F
    • Seal: -15 to 400°F (Viton)
    • Grease : -40 to 400°F long term exposure
  • Risers and Adaptors
  • Lockouts
  • Arrestor Brackets (Supports the use of a Portable Torque Tool)

Additional Configurations Available

  • Buy America Compliant
  • AWWA Compliant (Standard and in 316 SS)
  • Declutchable and Lost Motion Overrides (For use with hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.)
  • Configurable Sub Sea Compliant options

Options and Configurations are not limited to the above, please make request for special applications and specification requirements.


WedgeRock RW Series Worm Gear

Manual and motorizable standard worm gear operators.

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