• Customer: ATI Actuators (ATI)
  • Size: 51-200 employees
  • Use Sites: Cypress, Texas and Manchester, England
  • Industry: Gas and Oil, Power, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Water
  • Challenge: ATI Actuators was searching for the right actuator for a client’s specific needs after previous solutions did not work. The WedgeRock RP proved to be the ideal fit for this unique application.
  • WedgeRock Solution: WedgeRock RP: Planetary Gear Actuator


ATI Actuators, a manufacturer of globally-used actuators, encountered challenges in providing an actuator which could handle the torque in a specific application which exceeded theoretical expectations. After several models proved ineffective in the field, WedgeRock was given the task of designing and manufacturing an actuator for the site.

The WedgeRock RP6-3 FA16 was designed to direct mount with the specific mechanical advantage required to increase the output torque, without having to extend the cycle time beyond application performance requirements. Thirty-two actuators, with rated torque of 2,333 ft-pounds, a ratio of 2.5, and MA 2.43 were delivered to the site within eight weeks of order and installed without complications. To this date, they continue to function seamlessly!

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